Friday, September 16, 2011

White Hart

If there are any ladies or gents happen to be past Neutral Bay in Sydney, I highly recommend The White Hart on Governors st (
A small and intimate place hidden in the back streets but not hard to get to at all.

Once sitting down you will be gifted "the little black book" (or the menu) filled with delightful drinks and food.

Although not a big drinker myself (okay I practically don't drink at all) I was happy there was a selection of food and I have to say I did not regret one thing :) if you're an oyster fan I highly HIGHLY recommend the oysters with mint and cucumber salsa. It literally felt like I had an orgasm in my mouth!

While I did not drink, I did have the pleasure of seeing my friends try practically everything (AND not get drunk) on the cocktail menu.
You will stare in wonder at the Smokin' tiki punch, love the Homemade Cider Apple Sour and feel at the movies La Premiere with popcorn.
La Premiere
Smokin' Tiki Punch

Unfortunately we came on a busy night and did not get to try their specialty drinks like The Breakfast Mojito which comes in toothpaste form ( I'll let you think how that works)
And all these fabulous drinks were created by the award winning Grant Collins who is also consultant to the Zeta bar in the Hilton.

Prices are not cheap, a drink will cost will roughy $18 but worth it if you want something cosy and don't want to trek all the way to the city.

This is a very happy lady signing off and will be returning.

P.S Sorry it's taken so long to post >< will try harder!!!

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