Thursday, July 28, 2011

Only for the Weekend

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Hi Everyone ^^

Apologies for the lack of post, but just started school again so I'm a bit scatted at the moment (I almost forgot I had dinner with friends the other night)

Other excitting news~I'm going away for the weekend YAY
Honestly with work and my general laziness my weekends mostly consist of either working or staying at home, not very exciting I know.

But my best friend called me up last week and wondered if I was free to go to Port Macquaire for the weekend. Hold on one second...OF COURSE!!!!!

So I'm all packed and ready to go! It's a 4 hour drive up there from Sydney so I pack 5 novels (I had to cut it down from 9 T_T) to keep me entertained

As you can see maybe I'm a bit too excited

So i'll take lots of pics and hopefully post something up when I get back :)

LOVE PEACE & HAPPINESS~This Happy Lady is going to sleep

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