Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello Everyone!

First off, I am so sorry for neglecting you beautiful people! We still don't have internet which isn't as bad as I thought it would be ^^

So whats new?... Well i got a new haircut, I finally got a fringe~ I kinda felt sorry for the hairdresser ^^;;; i was having a small panic attack but he was really kind about it and totally reasured me!

The apartment is going well, been a bit lazy, so some stuff are still in boxes but its live-able.

So that's really all i can think of now :S its been a quite month.
I'll try to post more regularly but for now CYA~

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hello everyone! I'm out right now at an Internet cafe taking a break while mum handles everything (actually I'm running an errand for her)

I have to announce that i HATE moving, what happen to the good old days where you live in a place till you die *sighs* So yesterday started out horrible~ we weren't ready at all to move, everyone was practically rushing to put things in box while we move them upstairs and i swear that the movers who came had no IDEA what they were doing...but in the end we managed to get mostly everything upstairs with the help of some VERY good friends! ^^ i seriously would have had been clueless on where to start.

I finally broke it off with my boyfriend, it was the wrong time for us. I swear if we met in like 10 years, we've been married by now... but oh well life goes on, plenty of guys out there! But i think i just want to settle and find who i really am.

Happy Lady out~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Still Here!!!

Hello my beautiful people! Yes i know, you're probably all in shock and i apologise for not blogging regularly.

So many things has happen in the last few months! One of them being that i spent way too much on cosmectics, mainly MAC hehe will share later on hopefully.

But the most big thing that has totally shocked my life is that i'm moving! And its werid aswell cos so many people i know are moving or moved.

I know moving might not be that big of a deal but i have lived at where i am for 8~9 years, so many things has happened in these 4 walls and truthfully i'm kinda sad that im leaving T_T

But i won't be moving far away...i'm moving upstair actually!!! ( i live in an apartment) My mum accidently found an available spot upstairs o.o how lucky was that!

So while we sort out everything it means no internet for a while- boo!

Hopefully everything goes well, tomorrow is the BIG moving day!!!

Heaps of Love~

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is it Worth it???

I'm in a dilemma ladies, you see I've been with my Boyfriend for 3 months now and in those 3 months we've only seen each other 6~7 times, me due to work and him to school.
In the beginning we agreed it was going to be an open relationship but that didn't really work out. 

Lately we've been bickering more than just being together.
Although we always work things out in the end its always been down to me complaining and over-reacting to everything and him, with his schooling.

While i am understanding that his education is most important to him right now and will be for the next 2 years, its still hurts me that I'm not his top priority (he even said this)

I'll admit i am a drama queen (comes with being an actor) but i feel like I'm not being supported, yes maybe my reason for getting together were not that honest to begin with but that doesn't mean my feelings for him now are fake.

But i feel like if i continue this relationship i feel like i might hinder his education however if i end it, will i end up regretting it.

What should i do ladies, End it or continue???

Nu Nu Doll Givaway!!!

Hey the goddess is Nu Nu Doll is having a Mac Graphic Garden Giveaway
Include are the two BRAND NEW gorgeous palletes
 Arn't they beautiful 

So if you want a chance to win these wonderful MAc palletes go to Nu Nu Dolls blog NOW!!

July Hauls post coming soon!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cosplay, Birthdays and Bye Bye MAC?

So yesterday was the last day of Supernova and the BF and i decided to go and boy did we have fun^^

For those of you who don't know what Supernova is, it's basically Australia's biggest sci-fi convention and it's.... CRAZY!!! and i love it~

For me I'd always gone to anime conventions and never really had the chance to go to Supernova because back then i was more into Anime and Japanese stuff but now i guess I'm broadening my horizons lol

Here are a few pics :
 Bunch of cosplayers waiting to go on stage
 This lady was scary '_' didn't smile once 

This really made me happy!!! 
I'm actually a really BIG Doctor Who fan and when this guy ran past me i swear my jaw dropped! Someone was cosplaying as the Tenth Doctor (my favourite)
 Doesn't he look amazing~ i might have scared my BF with all my squealing :S
 And for the hard core Dr Who fans, you can't have Doctor Who without Torchwood (the sexier version) and i almost fainted when i saw Captain Jack Harkness~

So my inner geek satisfied and my wallet alot lighter when we came, off to to city to meet up with some friends to celebrate her birthday!
Unfortunately me and the BF were too tired and wet (it decided to rain on us) to really enjoy the party :(
 While I'm at it Ladies this is my wonderful BF~Justin aka Tin tin (although i have never called him that) we about to reach 3 months YAY!
I also wanted to show you some stuff i got ^^
I really needed some new eye shadows but i didn't want to get MAC so i went around Chatswood looking at different brands - and this is what i discovered
The Make Up Store i think is a Swedish brand and the store i went to had been there maybe 1~2 years and i never really noticed it before until today when i swatched a few eye shadow and i was amazed!
I got 3 eye shadows - 2 shimmer and 1 matt
from left to right Powdery nut
and pollution

 I have never felt anything silkier that these eye shadows! And dare i say it but sooo much better that MAC O.o
 For one thing i get a lot more value in the MUS as its $29 for 3.5g/0.12 oz while MAC is 1.5g/0.05 oz for $37 and its alot more easier to blend.

I'll see how it goes but i'm thinking that these are going to be my HG eye shadows

By the way i joined the VIP which entitles me 10% and more
 Prada wallet not included but look very sexy with the VIP card

Happy Lady signing out~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling good

I just wanna start off by thanking Aralka and Make up Madness for your lovely comments ^^ they really made me feel alot better.I'm feeling alot more content now, i mean i got my ups and downs but i'm feeling good ^^
So its been a while since i blogged (well it feels like ages) and so I'll start with the major things that's been happening lately 
  • I'm dropping out of my current school but I'm still gonna continue studying at home with an online course- i got the packages the other day and god they were heavy! So hopefully that works out for me ^^ fingers cross
  • My soul mate/good friend moved away to Lismore (which is north of Sydney near the border of Queensland) This friend I've known since the start of high school and we just click - I've always said she's my geeky friend (example when the last Harry Potter book came out we were on the phone trying to beat each as who could read the fastest) We both dream to be actresses one day~ 
  • The BF and i made up~ yay!!! We're gonna be going to the Supernova convention this Sunday (we're such geeks) I'll post some pics when its over
So i thinks that everything that's going on lately, while I'm online I'll show you guys some of the purchases i made in the last few days ^^
 I think i got these on Monday and they are Gorgeous!!! I absolutely love potions jars and stuff and when i saw these on sale i had to get them! i added the ribbons
 I also go these beakers which bought back memories of science class ^^ I'm right now using them as brush holders but i wanna get some beads or something and do like a sephora inspired brush holder <<>
Oh and to Caramel Geek thank you for your comment! i didn't get the 129 but I'll probably get the eye brushes you recommended!

 After doing alot of research i got the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, i wanted to get Urban Decay Primer Potion but Sydney don't stock it or at least nowhere i can find T_T and i got a free lip gloss  I also got some farewell gifts from some friends at school <<<><
For those who can't see them:
Black and white : The harder you fall and higher you Bounce
Pink : Be aware of your dreams, They just might come true

 And two bangles which i LOVE~ 

I also had a heart attack today when i was meeting my dad for dinner o.o
We were talking about present and he told me this year i wouldn't be getting anything, which i thought was weird then be brought out this black box and i was like OMG OMG OMG!!!!

I have a Prada wallet- i am being so spoiled right now
I can't say its the most fashionable wallet but its Prada i can't complain!!!
Now if i can get him to get me a channel bag I'll be really happy^^

A spoiled Happy Lady~

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I felt like an idiot on the train home with tears down my face- i just had a fight with my 2 best friends and with everything going on lately i had another anxiety attack when i got home.

I miss the days when life was simple- no work, no assignments, no boyfriends and dare i say it but no makeup
As you grow older i find that life gets so much more difficult and i wonder is it really worth it? Most times i say yes but there are those moments where i want to jump off a building (don't worry ladies i won't)

Yeah I'll admit that i was a bit bitchy when i talking to my friends today but really- if you are my BEST friend wouldn't you be a bit considerate and knowing what was going on with my life right now understand why the hell i am feeling this way and can be a bit agitated with the small and petty things while I'm still trying to figure what going on with MY life...

I'm tired with dealing with my life and if you're thinking "god! what a drama queen!" i dare you to walk in my shoes for a day

Thursday, June 18, 2009

MAC Brushes???

I am sad to admit that i actually don't have a great brush set :S 
Some of them, i have had since 2006~07??? Which is a while and some are really starting to die on me.

Right now my brushed consist of:
From left to right

  • Mary Kay Signature Eye Crease
  • Mary Kay Signature Eye Definer Brush 
  • Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner
  • Mary Kay Signature Powder Brush
  • Mary Kay Signature Blush
  • Manicare artiste professional Stippling brush 17
  • Manicare artiste professional fan brush 16
  • id Bare essentials flawless face brush
  • Shu Uemura goat 16DF contour/face brush
  • ecotools foundation brush
  • Bloom concealer brush

 The Mary Kay Brushes were actually my very first set and to be truthful i didn't really treat them that well but seeing they last this long they were quite good but i don't use them at all if i can, i tend to avoid them as they have gone quite rough on me.

I use the i.d bare essentials brush as a all over powder brush. I got this brush when i was into mineral makeup last year and its an okay brush but if i don't clean it regularly it gets again quite rough.

For those of you who don't know the brand Manicare (i don't know if its Australian) but it's a low~medium end range of cosmetic tools, mostly nails but i think it was last year that i notice these brushes came out, and they are fantastic and affordable!

I don't know why i got the fan brush as i never use it but i use the stippling brush everyday

 I think the only reason i don't really do eye make-up is because i have like the smallest and saddest collection ever!- exaggerating
The MK brushes don't even pick up colour anymore and applying is a NIGHTMARE! (But they are old) 
The BB is a new addition i got for my birthday but i haven't had the time to really experiment the uses of this brush-will dwell on that

 Before i got my Shu i was using a cheap foundation brush ( i have seen reviews on this brand) eoctools - Its good if you don't like using natural hair but as for application...not that good
And these my lovely ladies are my most trust-wrothy and fav brushes...and i just realied that these are all recent brushes for ^^

Now i must decide on do i want MAC brushed or something else???
If im getting mac i would probably get these brushes after doing some research:
Face- 134 Large Powder Brush
I don't think i'll get the famous 187 as i'm quite happy with my stippling brush
Eyes-  239
So good choice? I'm open to any suggestion but please keep in mind that i live in Austraila and i'm not as lucky as most of you and is very limited to many brands T_T

So i'm off to sleep 
Night night~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


*Sigh* Its been raining all day so i didn't get a chance to go out ><>

Generally i like the rain but im feeling abit down lately so waking up to clouds and rain didn't exactly make my day...

Adding to that i had my first fight with the BF, going to try and resolve it later on msn tonight, SO not looking forward to that as i KNOW im just going to snap at him. I wonder sometimes if its worth it.

AND my skins acting up again and i can't seem to find my HG acne treatment ><
I cannot wait till today is over 

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eki's Cosplay Contest

Hi guys! This is my entry to Eki's cosplay contest, I'm dressing up as a more casual Freya from Chobits~

My hairs abit messy for this one ^^;;;

What I used:
The Faceshop Oil-free BB Cream
Shu Uemura UV under base beige 01
Bobbi Brown concealer 2.5 warm sand
Jill Stuart mix blush 01 baby blush
Kate eyeshadow BU-1
Stila smudge pot gel eyeliner black
*not pictured* Majolica Majorca lash expander frame plus
Dior Lip glow
Shu Uemura lip gloss PK333S
Fake eyelashes

And this is my wonderful photographer Amy!!! yeah she looks a little weird ^^;;;; but thanks babe!!!

So hope i win and good luck to everyone else who entered! And thanks Eki for the amazing comp! it was fun~~~
By the way i'll give you guys a few pic of me cosplaying last year^^

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've been naughty

Damn Sales Assistants
I ended up getting not just the UV under base but the Shu natural goat hair 16DF brush T_T ....at least i got some samples

Mona from Make me Blushhh did a review/tutorial on the Shu 18 goat hair foundation brush which was what i was originally gonna get but with the persuasive SA i got 16DF with is actually a contouring/blush brush but can double as a foundation brush (i hope anyway)

But the SA was very nice and gave me some samples and this beautifullllll gloss was included 
  Its very sheer with alot of shimmers and its got a fruity kind of scent, very similar to the body shop ones
It PK 333S and so far im liking it~ Might consider getting more if its good, my make up collection is in lacking glosses and lipsticks but this will be bad for my wallet...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Addicted to Shu

Ever since returning from the wonderful land of Shu Uemura, I've been comtemplating if i should get the Shu Uemura UV Under base
Its all the SA fault! ><

As a SA myself i should be immune to all the sweet talking and the 'how this will change your life' talk but while i was waiting for my cleansing oil the SA noticed how oily my skin was (well i've been running around the city before doing errands and didn't have time to touch up) and one thing led to other and now i wanna buy the whole shop T_T (don't worry i won't)

And I'm getting paid today....

Shu Love~

If you have been reading Haru from Rouge Deluxe or you're a big Shu Uemura fan then you would know about their new limited edition Tokyo Kamon Girls Collection and i have to say if you're a manga fan like me and love cute stuff you WILL fall in love with the packaging!!!!
In Sydney you can get Shu Uemura from David Jones in Elizabeth Street (that i know of anyway) and i was walking past there the other day and to my surprise they were already advertising it!!! Japan hasn't even released it yet!

So seeing as i have to pay the bills and stock up on some basic items i braved the cold (and it was cold 8C~12C today i think) set out on my journey! 
 And i return victorious!!!! First one in Sydney to get it apparently hehehe

Isn't it CUTE!!!! 
For me i got high performance balancing oil cleansing oil fresh (that's a mouthful o.O) and i can't wait to use it!!!

Before i was using the Biore Cleansing oil but when i was testing it at the counter if felt SO much better! 

So ladies if you love Shu and you love manga/anime t
he tokyo kamon collection is just for you but just to warn you it will take a beating to your wallet - the cleansing oils are priced at $130 and the travel brush set $110 (forgot to ask about the box)
Will report back on how it is^^ 
What i was wearing today - Bardot boot leg jeans, Giordano grey sweater dress, Bardot cropped coat, grey scarf and LV tivoli handbag (present for doing well in the half yearly exams)

A victorious happy lady~

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My cousin (who i have never met before in my WHOLE life) is getting married YAY! 
However if the circumstances were abit different i might be more happy (he got her pregnant -_-) and they're only 20... sighs 

So because we missed the first 2 cousins wedding (i have 3 cousins in total- 2 girl 1 male) we HAVE to attend....not that im complaining as they live in *drum roll*


Which is totally perfect as my friend and i were planning to go at the end of the year or so but now we have a guide/my dad as me and my friend are total losties and can't speak a word of japanese^^;;;; Right now they've decided 3rd of October (before it was September then August) so all good!

Shopping and a wedding, what more can a girl ask for ^^

a VERY Happy Lady 

Upcoming post - What's in my make up bag?

Friday, June 5, 2009

U P D A T E ~ B D A Y P R E S S I E S !

Omg i only just started this blog and im already neglecting Opps~
This is post is gonna be showing the wonderful presents i got for my birthday last month (yeah really overdue)

So i was very lucky this year when my Daddy said he was going to Hong Kong to meet up with my grandparents and aunt and uncle from Japan with only two weeks to my birthday and naturally i wrote him a list (yes ladies i wrote him a list) 

Its a tradition with my dad that if either one of us (mostly him) are going overseas that we write a list of what we want (within reason of course!) so i only gave a tiny list of 7 items and not only did he get me everything on the list but some items he got me double!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Starting with skincare:

1) Yumei Green Tea Detox Whitening Scrub
I LOVE this stuff!!! Its gentle and good for my acne scars!
It retails for $45~$50  and it last a while
2) Paul and Joe Whitening Serum
After reading so many good review on this i just HAD to get it!!! 
Because there is no Paul and Joe in Sydney if i had to get this is would cost around $80~150 so naturally it went on the list, i've been using this for maybe 2 weeks and i can see a small difference but i'llo keep using to see if its any good


Clockwise from the left:
Jill Stuart mix blush compact 04 hot cherry
Jill Stuart mix blush compact 06 fresh apricot
Majolica Majorca Mascara Base x2
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander frame plus
Jill Stuart jelly eye color 20 ballet pink x 2!!!

I love Jill Stuart and thank god that there one Jill Stuart store in Hong Kong!
i'll swatch these items later and give you a review later ^^

I also got some perfume and some really yummy japanese snacks which i already ate XD So all in all i very happy with Daddy bday present to me!
Now on to what else i got (i feel so loved lol)
For some odd reason very year from my birthday my friends have always get me jewellery, i don't know if this is beacuse i work in jewellery or what but it keeps my collection growing ^^
Given to me by my good friends who happen to be cousins! I LOVE the necklace, i wear it if im feeling abit gothic lol              
Close up of the matching bracelet, i actually don't like this as much as the necklace probably because its abit too chunky for me but still very nice
The bangle was actually a late bday present gotten from melbourne markets!
Its handmade, silver with a black rubber wire snaking through it- my sale voice talking here hehe
And the Ring!!! Omg i had been eyeing this from work since forever!!! And since my wonderful discount was being reduced due to the ressession Grrr i had to get it ~luckily my colleague bought it for me as my birthday present!!!

So thats most of it! i'm pretty sure i forgetting a few things but i'll post them later if i did now to enjoy to long weekend~

Happy Lady~