Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Still Here!!!

Hello my beautiful people! Yes i know, you're probably all in shock and i apologise for not blogging regularly.

So many things has happen in the last few months! One of them being that i spent way too much on cosmectics, mainly MAC hehe will share later on hopefully.

But the most big thing that has totally shocked my life is that i'm moving! And its werid aswell cos so many people i know are moving or moved.

I know moving might not be that big of a deal but i have lived at where i am for 8~9 years, so many things has happened in these 4 walls and truthfully i'm kinda sad that im leaving T_T

But i won't be moving far away...i'm moving upstair actually!!! ( i live in an apartment) My mum accidently found an available spot upstairs o.o how lucky was that!

So while we sort out everything it means no internet for a while- boo!

Hopefully everything goes well, tomorrow is the BIG moving day!!!

Heaps of Love~

1 comment:

  1. Wow, moving? Sounds like something new.
    I think I want to move too.
    But I can't now. I am too young, I live with my parents.
    Have a nice day ^^