Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hello everyone! I'm out right now at an Internet cafe taking a break while mum handles everything (actually I'm running an errand for her)

I have to announce that i HATE moving, what happen to the good old days where you live in a place till you die *sighs* So yesterday started out horrible~ we weren't ready at all to move, everyone was practically rushing to put things in box while we move them upstairs and i swear that the movers who came had no IDEA what they were doing...but in the end we managed to get mostly everything upstairs with the help of some VERY good friends! ^^ i seriously would have had been clueless on where to start.

I finally broke it off with my boyfriend, it was the wrong time for us. I swear if we met in like 10 years, we've been married by now... but oh well life goes on, plenty of guys out there! But i think i just want to settle and find who i really am.

Happy Lady out~

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  1. Hello :)
    Have fun in your new apartament.
    So you broke up with your boyfriend? I hope you will find someone nice soon ^^