Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hello Everyone!

First off, I am so sorry for neglecting you beautiful people! We still don't have internet which isn't as bad as I thought it would be ^^

So whats new?... Well i got a new haircut, I finally got a fringe~ I kinda felt sorry for the hairdresser ^^;;; i was having a small panic attack but he was really kind about it and totally reasured me!

The apartment is going well, been a bit lazy, so some stuff are still in boxes but its live-able.

So that's really all i can think of now :S its been a quite month.
I'll try to post more regularly but for now CYA~


  1. Oh ^^ Take a photo of your new haircut.
    wanna see it~

  2. hey its been ages since your last post hehe~ hope u return soon and yes doo show us a pic of ur hair, its probably grown out by now but post some pics anyway hehe:) xx