Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back to Black

Where have you've been?

That's probably the first question you're all asking hahaha

I KNOW its been ages and I apologise but you know the story ~ Life can be a bitch.
It hasn't been all that bad, I've had my ups and downs but I'm soldiering on as best I can with a smile on my face :D

So most of you must be wondering what I've been up to?

Well I'm still working retail ~boring~ but I'm alot confindant then I use to be *sighs* but that's what happens when you become supervisor! Sadly it doesn't mean a pay rise because I'm only a Casual but I now get to bully the little ones hehehe... (I'm only joking!!! To be honest they bully me because I'm the youngest T_T )

I went blonde for a short while, don't worry it was just part of my fringe and a long streak

I thought hey I'm young let's experiment and surprisingly it turned out pretty cool if I might say so myself. (This pic was taken at my friend's hen night, which was "Un-slutty" costume party haha. I went as the Mad Hatter and my friend Alice. We both got ALOT of compliments :D)

Those are the major events I can really think of at the moment as it's getting late and I have work tomorrow :(
But I''ll end this post with a Nail Art pic I did today :)

I found this chemist on Pitt st that stocked Barry M and it's been years since I went Black as I always thought it was abit too emo for me (surprisingly I had a friend who would paint her nails black before it went 'IN' and always complained that black nails wasn't emo haha guess she was right)

But I wanted it to be a bit different so I put some Gold glitter dust on top (also Barry M #44) Boy! Was that a mess :S but I was very happy with the results!

So this is The Happy Lady signing out and is happy to be back!

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