Thursday, June 25, 2009

Feeling good

I just wanna start off by thanking Aralka and Make up Madness for your lovely comments ^^ they really made me feel alot better.I'm feeling alot more content now, i mean i got my ups and downs but i'm feeling good ^^
So its been a while since i blogged (well it feels like ages) and so I'll start with the major things that's been happening lately 
  • I'm dropping out of my current school but I'm still gonna continue studying at home with an online course- i got the packages the other day and god they were heavy! So hopefully that works out for me ^^ fingers cross
  • My soul mate/good friend moved away to Lismore (which is north of Sydney near the border of Queensland) This friend I've known since the start of high school and we just click - I've always said she's my geeky friend (example when the last Harry Potter book came out we were on the phone trying to beat each as who could read the fastest) We both dream to be actresses one day~ 
  • The BF and i made up~ yay!!! We're gonna be going to the Supernova convention this Sunday (we're such geeks) I'll post some pics when its over
So i thinks that everything that's going on lately, while I'm online I'll show you guys some of the purchases i made in the last few days ^^
 I think i got these on Monday and they are Gorgeous!!! I absolutely love potions jars and stuff and when i saw these on sale i had to get them! i added the ribbons
 I also go these beakers which bought back memories of science class ^^ I'm right now using them as brush holders but i wanna get some beads or something and do like a sephora inspired brush holder <<>
Oh and to Caramel Geek thank you for your comment! i didn't get the 129 but I'll probably get the eye brushes you recommended!

 After doing alot of research i got the Too Faced Shadow Insurance, i wanted to get Urban Decay Primer Potion but Sydney don't stock it or at least nowhere i can find T_T and i got a free lip gloss  I also got some farewell gifts from some friends at school <<<><
For those who can't see them:
Black and white : The harder you fall and higher you Bounce
Pink : Be aware of your dreams, They just might come true

 And two bangles which i LOVE~ 

I also had a heart attack today when i was meeting my dad for dinner o.o
We were talking about present and he told me this year i wouldn't be getting anything, which i thought was weird then be brought out this black box and i was like OMG OMG OMG!!!!

I have a Prada wallet- i am being so spoiled right now
I can't say its the most fashionable wallet but its Prada i can't complain!!!
Now if i can get him to get me a channel bag I'll be really happy^^

A spoiled Happy Lady~


  1. ooh prada! love. those vintage potion bottles are really lovely too!

  2. Hi Joeyana! Thanks for reading my blog. (:

    I am not sure when MAC GG is arriving in Oz. Probably next month.

    Also, I will not be back in Syd till August. I think it is easier and lesser waiting time for you to get in Oz. Postage from Singapore to Syd is pretty expensive too. You might end up paying more than you would. Sorry. :(

    Thanks for requesting though.

    Another alternative is to get it from and ship it via Vpost Australia etc. Here is a website of various mail forwarding options:

    Sorry that I can't be of more help. :(