Thursday, June 11, 2009

I've been naughty

Damn Sales Assistants
I ended up getting not just the UV under base but the Shu natural goat hair 16DF brush T_T least i got some samples

Mona from Make me Blushhh did a review/tutorial on the Shu 18 goat hair foundation brush which was what i was originally gonna get but with the persuasive SA i got 16DF with is actually a contouring/blush brush but can double as a foundation brush (i hope anyway)

But the SA was very nice and gave me some samples and this beautifullllll gloss was included 
  Its very sheer with alot of shimmers and its got a fruity kind of scent, very similar to the body shop ones
It PK 333S and so far im liking it~ Might consider getting more if its good, my make up collection is in lacking glosses and lipsticks but this will be bad for my wallet...


  1. nice haul! That shu brush looks really soft~

  2. Its is! im planning on throwing all my synthetic brushes and going all natural!!! hmm just have to start saving...