Friday, June 5, 2009

U P D A T E ~ B D A Y P R E S S I E S !

Omg i only just started this blog and im already neglecting Opps~
This is post is gonna be showing the wonderful presents i got for my birthday last month (yeah really overdue)

So i was very lucky this year when my Daddy said he was going to Hong Kong to meet up with my grandparents and aunt and uncle from Japan with only two weeks to my birthday and naturally i wrote him a list (yes ladies i wrote him a list) 

Its a tradition with my dad that if either one of us (mostly him) are going overseas that we write a list of what we want (within reason of course!) so i only gave a tiny list of 7 items and not only did he get me everything on the list but some items he got me double!!!! YAY!!!!!!

Starting with skincare:

1) Yumei Green Tea Detox Whitening Scrub
I LOVE this stuff!!! Its gentle and good for my acne scars!
It retails for $45~$50  and it last a while
2) Paul and Joe Whitening Serum
After reading so many good review on this i just HAD to get it!!! 
Because there is no Paul and Joe in Sydney if i had to get this is would cost around $80~150 so naturally it went on the list, i've been using this for maybe 2 weeks and i can see a small difference but i'llo keep using to see if its any good


Clockwise from the left:
Jill Stuart mix blush compact 04 hot cherry
Jill Stuart mix blush compact 06 fresh apricot
Majolica Majorca Mascara Base x2
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander frame plus
Jill Stuart jelly eye color 20 ballet pink x 2!!!

I love Jill Stuart and thank god that there one Jill Stuart store in Hong Kong!
i'll swatch these items later and give you a review later ^^

I also got some perfume and some really yummy japanese snacks which i already ate XD So all in all i very happy with Daddy bday present to me!
Now on to what else i got (i feel so loved lol)
For some odd reason very year from my birthday my friends have always get me jewellery, i don't know if this is beacuse i work in jewellery or what but it keeps my collection growing ^^
Given to me by my good friends who happen to be cousins! I LOVE the necklace, i wear it if im feeling abit gothic lol              
Close up of the matching bracelet, i actually don't like this as much as the necklace probably because its abit too chunky for me but still very nice
The bangle was actually a late bday present gotten from melbourne markets!
Its handmade, silver with a black rubber wire snaking through it- my sale voice talking here hehe
And the Ring!!! Omg i had been eyeing this from work since forever!!! And since my wonderful discount was being reduced due to the ressession Grrr i had to get it ~luckily my colleague bought it for me as my birthday present!!!

So thats most of it! i'm pretty sure i forgetting a few things but i'll post them later if i did now to enjoy to long weekend~

Happy Lady~

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  1. nice haul, so nice of your dad to help you purcahse them.
    the mm mascaras are awesome..and the base is great for keeping away the racoon eyes ^__^