Thursday, June 18, 2009

MAC Brushes???

I am sad to admit that i actually don't have a great brush set :S 
Some of them, i have had since 2006~07??? Which is a while and some are really starting to die on me.

Right now my brushed consist of:
From left to right

  • Mary Kay Signature Eye Crease
  • Mary Kay Signature Eye Definer Brush 
  • Bobbi Brown Ultra Fine Eye Liner
  • Mary Kay Signature Powder Brush
  • Mary Kay Signature Blush
  • Manicare artiste professional Stippling brush 17
  • Manicare artiste professional fan brush 16
  • id Bare essentials flawless face brush
  • Shu Uemura goat 16DF contour/face brush
  • ecotools foundation brush
  • Bloom concealer brush

 The Mary Kay Brushes were actually my very first set and to be truthful i didn't really treat them that well but seeing they last this long they were quite good but i don't use them at all if i can, i tend to avoid them as they have gone quite rough on me.

I use the i.d bare essentials brush as a all over powder brush. I got this brush when i was into mineral makeup last year and its an okay brush but if i don't clean it regularly it gets again quite rough.

For those of you who don't know the brand Manicare (i don't know if its Australian) but it's a low~medium end range of cosmetic tools, mostly nails but i think it was last year that i notice these brushes came out, and they are fantastic and affordable!

I don't know why i got the fan brush as i never use it but i use the stippling brush everyday

 I think the only reason i don't really do eye make-up is because i have like the smallest and saddest collection ever!- exaggerating
The MK brushes don't even pick up colour anymore and applying is a NIGHTMARE! (But they are old) 
The BB is a new addition i got for my birthday but i haven't had the time to really experiment the uses of this brush-will dwell on that

 Before i got my Shu i was using a cheap foundation brush ( i have seen reviews on this brand) eoctools - Its good if you don't like using natural hair but as for application...not that good
And these my lovely ladies are my most trust-wrothy and fav brushes...and i just realied that these are all recent brushes for ^^

Now i must decide on do i want MAC brushed or something else???
If im getting mac i would probably get these brushes after doing some research:
Face- 134 Large Powder Brush
I don't think i'll get the famous 187 as i'm quite happy with my stippling brush
Eyes-  239
So good choice? I'm open to any suggestion but please keep in mind that i live in Austraila and i'm not as lucky as most of you and is very limited to many brands T_T

So i'm off to sleep 
Night night~

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  1. Hi girl.
    I just found your blog. =)
    Anyways, about the brushes...the 134 is kind of big. It won't be as multi-purpose as the 129. You can use the 129 for powder and blush. But I don't think you can pull off blushes with the 134. =)
    As for eye brushes, if you can only pick 3, I'd say the 239 (must have basic), the 217 (again, must have for blending and crease work) and the 219 (good for smudging, and very precise outer corner work).
    And if you can wait, save up some moolah for the 226, that'll be re-release in the Color Craft collection. I love that brush to pieces. It's really good for crease work if you have smaller eyes.
    Hope this helps. =)