Saturday, June 20, 2009


I felt like an idiot on the train home with tears down my face- i just had a fight with my 2 best friends and with everything going on lately i had another anxiety attack when i got home.

I miss the days when life was simple- no work, no assignments, no boyfriends and dare i say it but no makeup
As you grow older i find that life gets so much more difficult and i wonder is it really worth it? Most times i say yes but there are those moments where i want to jump off a building (don't worry ladies i won't)

Yeah I'll admit that i was a bit bitchy when i talking to my friends today but really- if you are my BEST friend wouldn't you be a bit considerate and knowing what was going on with my life right now understand why the hell i am feeling this way and can be a bit agitated with the small and petty things while I'm still trying to figure what going on with MY life...

I'm tired with dealing with my life and if you're thinking "god! what a drama queen!" i dare you to walk in my shoes for a day


  1. Oh... Cheer up. You will see, everything is gonna be okey.
    Life is very tough, I know. But we have to do our best to not give up.
    Take care :)

  2. aww dont worry everything will be ok, things can only get better, just became a follower, check out my blog