Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My cousin (who i have never met before in my WHOLE life) is getting married YAY! 
However if the circumstances were abit different i might be more happy (he got her pregnant -_-) and they're only 20... sighs 

So because we missed the first 2 cousins wedding (i have 3 cousins in total- 2 girl 1 male) we HAVE to attend....not that im complaining as they live in *drum roll*


Which is totally perfect as my friend and i were planning to go at the end of the year or so but now we have a guide/my dad as me and my friend are total losties and can't speak a word of japanese^^;;;; Right now they've decided 3rd of October (before it was September then August) so all good!

Shopping and a wedding, what more can a girl ask for ^^

a VERY Happy Lady 

Upcoming post - What's in my make up bag?

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