Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shu Love~

If you have been reading Haru from Rouge Deluxe or you're a big Shu Uemura fan then you would know about their new limited edition Tokyo Kamon Girls Collection and i have to say if you're a manga fan like me and love cute stuff you WILL fall in love with the packaging!!!!
In Sydney you can get Shu Uemura from David Jones in Elizabeth Street (that i know of anyway) and i was walking past there the other day and to my surprise they were already advertising it!!! Japan hasn't even released it yet!

So seeing as i have to pay the bills and stock up on some basic items i braved the cold (and it was cold 8C~12C today i think) set out on my journey! 
 And i return victorious!!!! First one in Sydney to get it apparently hehehe

Isn't it CUTE!!!! 
For me i got high performance balancing oil cleansing oil fresh (that's a mouthful o.O) and i can't wait to use it!!!

Before i was using the Biore Cleansing oil but when i was testing it at the counter if felt SO much better! 

So ladies if you love Shu and you love manga/anime t
he tokyo kamon collection is just for you but just to warn you it will take a beating to your wallet - the cleansing oils are priced at $130 and the travel brush set $110 (forgot to ask about the box)
Will report back on how it is^^ 
What i was wearing today - Bardot boot leg jeans, Giordano grey sweater dress, Bardot cropped coat, grey scarf and LV tivoli handbag (present for doing well in the half yearly exams)

A victorious happy lady~

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  1. ooh i love shu products!! ;D their face stuff is the best :]